Occasionally I visit a show. I will only take part with cats who like the attention they get on a show

Arnhem: Mundikatshow

Dodi Matya Mou:

CAPIB ( his first)

Judge : Stephe Bruin


Filiz Matya Mou


Judge: Stephe Bruin



Felikatshow Schiedam :7th September 2008


Dodi Matya Mou:

CAP; Dodi is now premior

Judge:Ad de Bruijn

Filiz Matya Mou

nomination best in show

Judger: Arie Groenewegen

Godyvert Matya Mou

Ex 1
nomination BIS

Judge: Ad de Bruijn


Show Bleiswijk:17th February 2008

Dodi Matya Mou :

Best in show!!!!!
Judge: Donatella Mastrangelo



Danah Matya Mou

Judge: Marek Chadaj

Danah's champion title!

Show Haarlem: 13th January 2008

Danah Matya Mou
CAC and nominatie BIS

Judge: Lena Chapman


Show: Nieuwegein 18th November 2007

Danah Matya Mou
Judge: Michael Edström

Dodi Matya Mou
U1-CAP- nomination best in show

Judge: Michael Edström


Schiedam: 16th September 2007

Eva Matya Mou: U1
Judger: Louis Coste

Bestman's Liquid Teardrop: U1
Judge: Louis Coste



Nieuwegein:19th November 2006

Judge: Angelika Kneifel: U1
ring testing SIOK-special
Judge Marianne Kuipers: 3rd in OSH inspection

Judge: Anne Gro Edström U1

Felikatshow Schiedam : 17th September 2006

Danah U1

Judge: Jaana Jyrkinen

Cregor CAP

Judge Martin Kabina
nomination :"best in show"

Felikatshow Zoetermeer: 24th April 2005

Hadiah van Scarlettini-CAC
Judge : Maj-Britt Stein

Felikatshow Haarlem:16th January 2005

Hadiah van Scarlettini-CAC
Judge :Stephe Bruin


Bintik Biru van Scarlettini-CAP -Bintik is now Premior
Judge :Stephe Bruin

Felikatshow Nieuwegein: 7th November 2004

Bintik Biru van Scarlettini - Cap
Judge: Marianne Kuipers.

Hadiah van Scarlettini - U 1
Judge: Marianne Kuipers.

Felikatshow Schiedam: 12th September 2004

Bintik Biru van Scarlettini - CAP
Judge: Alexey Shchukin
Hadiah van Scarlettini - U1
Judge:Alexey Shchukin